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Murder in Pakistan's Wild West - Melik Kaylan, Forbes
A Repudiation of Bush Abroad - Richard Falk, Today's Zaman
Keeping Africa on Washington's Radar - Derrick Jackson, Boston Globe
Pirates of the Gulf - Dennis Sampson & Nikolas Gvosdev, IHT
Gaza: The Calm Before the Storm - Neri Zilber, Middle East Times
Israel 'Occupies' No Arab Territories - Lois Rene Beres, Jerusalem Post
Crucial Test of Leadership for Ma and Tsai - William Fang, China Post
Japan in Recession - The Economist
Obama's Indecision on Star Wars - Joshua Keating, Foreign Policy
A New Way in Burma - Andrew Selth, The Age
Don't Negotiate with the Taliban - Ann Marlowe, Wall Street Journal
Too Many Chefs at State? | Can Aid Promote Democracy?RCW Video: Taliban Strengthens in Kandahar

RealClearWorld Morning Edition

Is Obama a Middle East 'Splitter'? - Gideon Rachman, Financial Times
Gordon Brown's Borrowing Binge - David Cameron, The Guardian
When Will Obama Give Up on Osama? - Robert Baer, Time
How Global Crisis Could Bring Down China - Joshua Kurlantzick, TNR
Enlightened Realism in Ukraine - Gwynne Dyer, Japan Times
Somalia: Bush's Forgotten Debacle - Martin Fletcher, Times of London
Europe's New American Dream - Ian Buruma, Daily Star
Bumpy Road to a Democratic Pakistan - Makmur Keliat, Jakarta Post
Flight Path to Disaster in Afghanistan - Tariq Ali, Mother Jones
Can Karzai Reach the Taliban? - Fred Kaplan, Slate
Keeping Israel's Economy Strong - Jeff Barak, Jerusalem Post
Hail Hillary Clinton - Michael Goldfarb, Weekly Standard
The G-20 Summit Was a Failure - Desmond Lachman, The American
Words Won't Scare Al-Qaeda - Ralph Peters, New York Post
Turkey: The Most Anti-American Nation - Soner Cagaptay, Newsweek
Obama's First 3 a.m. Call

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