April 14, 2009

China and Russia Get Cozy

Gordon Chang, National Review

At the end of last week, Japan gave up trying to get the United Nations Security Council to pass a binding resolution sanctioning North Korea for its April 5 missile launch. Instead, Tokyo accepted a watered-down statement from the Security Council’s president. Last-minute wavering from the Obama administration did not help Japanese efforts, but the main obstacle to firm U.N. action was concerted opposition from veto-wielding Beijing and Moscow. China and Russia have been busy lately. Last Wednesday, the Wall Street Journal reported that Chinese and Russians hackers have been penetrating the computer networks that operate the American power grid, with the apparent intention of attacking that grid at later dates. During the G-20 summit earlier this month, the...

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What is clear is that an overwhelmingly majority of Okinawans oppose the Henoko plan and want the air station removed from the island. The Japanese government must overcome its bureaucratic inertia and earnestly urge the U.S.... more ››
May 12, 2012
Can China Afford to Support North Korea?
Ong Suan Ee, JoongAng Daily
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May 9, 2012
'Never Again' Is Now in North Korea
Jeff Jacoby, Boston Globe
Shin Dong-hyuk grew up in North Korea’s Camp 14, one of the monstrous slave-labor prison complexes in which the world’s most tyrannical regime has crushed hundreds of thousands of its citizens, working them to death... more ››
North Korea, for its part, should know that its missile and nuclear weapons programs have triggered the recent debate on redeploying tactical nukes on the peninsula. At a time when most experts believe that the North won’t... more ››
May 5, 2012
North Korean Nuclear Test Inevitable
Kang Young-jin, JoongAng Daily
By visiting Beijing, the younger Kim may be aiming to exhibit to the world that China remains its faithful patron. He may also be looking for fresh financial and economic gifts from China to take home and win respect from... more ››