May 4, 2009

Sarkozy's Big Plans for Greater Paris

Bruce Crumley, Time

AP Photo

The frightful Battle of Paris that many observers expected has been averted — at least for now. In unveiling mammoth plans to modernize and reorganize France's capital and its surrounding suburbs, French President Nicolas Sarkozy set a flexible, all-inclusive tone. That was in stark contrast to his earlier comments (and habitual leadership style), which suggested that the creation of Greater Paris would be done his way or not at all.

But even as he called on various governing authorities, private and public organizations, and ruling conservatives and leftists alike to unite in what he called an "ambitious and difficult" undertaking, Sarkozy left two major questions unanswered, both of which promise to provoke clashes in the future: who will foot the bill, and who will...

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May 9, 2012
Death of Europe Is America's Opportunity
Arthur Herman, Fox News
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May 9, 2012
What Hollande Must Tell Germany
Martin Wolf, Financial Times
What might Mr. Hollande do? First, he is going to have to forget almost all of his domestic promises, not only because they are not going to help France, but also because German leaders will not take him seriously otherwise.... more ››
Democracy matters. When Brussels or Berlin loses sight of that simple fact, voters reach for simpler and uglier solutions. more ››
May 9, 2012
Hollande Must Betray Supporters to Save Them
Clive Crook, Bloomberg
French voters are deluding themselves if they think the man they just elected president offers a viable alternative to the departing Nicolas Sarkozy. Francois Hollande’s socialist program is inoperable. Let’s hope he... more ››
May 9, 2012
Economic Bloodbath Looms for France
George Walden, Daily Telegraph
When the last French socialist president, Francois Mitterrand, was preparing for victory, it was my job as a diplomat to accompany him on a trip to London to call on Jim Callaghan. En route from the airport to No 10, I arranged... more ››