June 26, 2009

Big in Tokyo: Japan Mourns Jackson's Passing

Coco Masters, Time

AP Photo

In Tokyo's bustling Shibuya district, a woman makes a beeline for the Michael Jackson display on the second floor of the HMV music store. Crying under her green knit cap, she reaches for "Visionary," a black box of video singles from the King of Pop and a few of the Michael Jackson boxed figurines on display. Sho-ma — a dancer whose first exposure to Jackson was the album "Off the Wall" when she was in the third grade — said she first heard the news of Michael Jackson's death at 8 a.m. at her home in Tokyo. Another fan in the shop, 23-year-old Toshiki Nakamura, pulls out his iPhone and scrolls through a long list of Jackson albums. "I was so shocked when I heard," he says. (See pictures of people around the world mourning Michael Jackson.)

As the news of Michael...

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