July 13, 2009

Latin America's Obama

Lauren Collins, New Yorker

AP Photo

People who like the Ecuadoran President, Rafael Correa, describe him this way: environmentalist, speaker of five languages, Ph.D. (in economics) from the University of Illinois, solidifier of a once unstable country, writer of a new constitution, corruption fighter, canceller of debt, a “young, handsome, and shrewd” reformer who—as Fenton Communications, the Washington, D.C., P.R. firm that the government of Ecuador has hired to help Correa polish his profile in America, pointed out recently—has been called “the Obama of Latin America.” People who don’t like him have their own ideas: Chávez crony, wild card, antagonist of America, whom the Wall Street Journal has likened to Fidel Castro, and under whose rule, the paper...

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