Al Qaeda's European Charm Offensive

I was in Paris for a conference on American foreign policy under President Barack Obama this weekend when Osama bin Laden intervened with his own analysis for Europeans on the new U.S. administration's Afghanistan policy.

Undoubtedly reacting to press reports that Obama is reassessing the war and the sober but devastating McChrystal report on how poorly the under resourced war has been fought, al Qaeda released a message from its leader to the people of Europe. The message is short and simple: get out before the Americans abandon you.

Bin Laden predicts America will cut and run from Afghanistan soon and retreat "far beyond the Atlantic" leaving its NATO partners alone to face al Qaeda and the Taliban.

He says to Europe look what happened to your "sister Georgia" last year when Washington promised to protect Georgia but did nothing but send some "tents and laundry detergent" when the Russians intervened. Learn from your Georgian friends al Qaeda warns. You are not the enemy for al Qaeda, America is as 9/11 showed. Leave Afghanistan and stay out of our war with America and there will be no more 'raids' like the terror attacks in Madrid and London. Your economy is broken Europe, like America's, while the jihad is winning in Afghanistan is the confident overall message from al Qaeda.

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