October 7, 2009

China Eyes N. Korea's Mineral Wealth

Christian Oliver, Financial Times

AP Photo

Wen Jiabao, China’s premier, can hail his visit to North Korea as a bit of a diplomatic coup. Now the question is whether there is an economic dividend too.

After bear hugs with Kim Jong-il and co-operation deals, Mr Wen engin­eered the geopolitical compromise he wanted, with the North Korean leader on Tuesday announcing he might re­turn to inter­national talks on dismantling his nuclear weapons programme if he gets the kudos of direct talks with the US first.

Mr Kim’s announcement did not guarantee fresh six-party talks between Beijing, Seoul, Moscow, Tokyo, Pyongyang and Washington but restored political goodwill.

Yet if resource-hungry China hopes revived camaraderie will also grant it a large bite of North Korea’s...

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