October 30, 2009

America's Brother Karzai Problem

Malou Innocent, RealClearWorld

AP Photo

The war in Afghanistan has taken a turn for the worse. According to the New York Times, Ahmed Wali Karzai--brother of Afghanistan's incumbent president, and a notorious drug baron--is also a long-time employee of the Central Intelligence Agency.

President Karzai has long been considered a U.S. puppet. And now, with evidence that his brother has been on the CIA payroll for the past eight years (a claim conveniently disclosed ahead of the second-round presidential election), shows why Afghanistan's "democratic experiment" is largely a sham. But what's new? What does "justice" really mean when someone with friends in high places can get away with a $4 billion drug trafficking racket; while poor local farmers have their opium crops eradicated and their drug processing facilities...

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