December 10, 2009

Kevin Rudd Brings Order to Asia

Greg Sheridan, The Australian

AP Photo

It was a glittering occasion at the Prime Minister's residence at Kirribilli last Friday night. Kevin Rudd entertained about 100 of the most influential foreign policy makers in the Asia-Pacific, gathered in Sydney to discuss the Rudd initiative for an Asia-Pacific community.

Rudd recounted the criminality in his background. Way back in 1788 one Thomas Rudd was jailed for stealing a pair of shoes.

Suggesting that the Indians there would appreciate the way British justice worked in colonial days, Rudd recounted the Old Bailey trial in which Thomas Rudd was accused by a maid, and the maid seemed an honest girl, so Rudd was transported to Australia for seven years.

Rudd went back to England in 1795 but was arrested and sent for trial at the Old Bailey again in 1799,...

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