January 17, 2010

In Ukraine, Death of the Orange Revolution

James Marson, Time

AP Photo

Yegor Lupan calls himself the "most honest presidential candidate" in Ukraine. In his online campaign videos, he admits that he'll rig the results in order to win, and once in power, he plans to embezzle state funds. Ukrainians also shouldn't expect a rise in pensions under his leadership. "When you see my villas, you'll understand why," he says.

Lupan, the invention of a Ukrainian comedian, has captured the mood of the country on the eve of Sunday's presidential election, the first since the Orange Revolution swept pro-Western reformer Viktor Yushchenko into power five years ago, bringing hopes that the former Soviet republic would be set firmly on a course toward integration with the rest of Europe. Since then, however, Yushchenko and his allies have failed to make good on...

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