February 12, 2010

Yes Virginia, Iran's Nukes Are Dangerous

Fred Kaplan, Slate

AP Photo

Iran's announcement of an advance in its uranium-enrichment program and thus a potential step closer to an A-bomb has sparked four responses in various opinion pages:

There are problems with all four arguments, but let's deal with the last one first, since, if it's true that we can stop worrying and love the Iranian bomb (to paraphrase Kubrick and Southern), the rest is moot.

The most recent sampling from this school of thought is an op-ed published in the Feb. 10 New York Times by Adam Lowther, a defense analyst at the Air Force Research Institute. Lowther argues that an Iranian bomb might be beneficial to U.S. interests: The Saudis and Egyptians would want us to protect them by pledging to retaliate against Iran if Iran attacks Saudi Arabia or Egypt; in exchange for...

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