June 5, 2010

Europe's Culture Wars Go Dutch

Doug Saunders, Globe and Mail

AP Photo

Two things strike you in Amsterdam these days. First are the dense, varied and often darkly dissonant layers of human culture that have been delivered to its docks and canals: Portuguese Jews and French Huguenots and German ex-peasants built this place in earlier centuries and form a major part of its ethnic and behavioural style, as much as Surinamese and Antilles migrants did in the last half of the 20th century, and Moroccan and Turkish villagers do today.

Second is its strictness. Complementing the city’s libertine demimonde of pot and hookers are very tough rules. Police here don’t mess about, and they are numerous. They are in the midst of a big campaign to evict all squatter enclaves. There is a truancy squad,...

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May 15, 2012
The Spirit of Geert Wilders
Mark Steyn, National Review
When I was asked to write a foreword to Geert Wilders’ new book, my first reaction, to be honest, was to pass. Mr. Wilders lives under 24/7 armed guard because significant numbers of motivated people wish to kill him,... more ››