Heed the Signals from Syria & Israel

Heed the Signals from Syria & Israel

A meeting this week of Israeli Labor Party officials has in effect issued Ehud Barak an ultimatum: get serious about generating a peace policy by the end of the summer: otherwise, the party should bolt Benjamin Netanyahu’s governing coalition.

Senior Labor figures like Benjamin Ben-Eliezer and Isaac Herzog have pressed Barak to advance the ultimatum, in turn, to Labor’s partners in the government, in the form of its top seven ministers. The message: Israel needs a daring political initiative to exit the impasse caused by the government’s latest outrage, the deadly attack on the Mavi Marmara.

Meanwhile, Syrian President Bashar Assad told the BBC this week that Israel’s “pyromaniac” government is set on launching a new military conflict in the Middle East. Assad says the deadly attack on the Gaza aid flotilla marked a turning-point, as the clearest indication yet of how the government in Tel Aviv opposes engaging in any meaningful peace moves.

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