How to Win in Afghanistan

How to Win in Afghanistan

President Obama said Wednesday that he didn't fire Gen. Stanley McChrystal over policy disagreements. Too bad.


Almost every metric measuring military progress in Afghanistan has gone downhill since McChrystal took command a year ago, as an April Pentagon report detailed. More recently, a UN report revealed that incidents involving improvised-explosive devices -- the main killer of our troops -- rose 94 percent in the first four months of 2010 over a year earlier.


It's notable that one of the few strong statements of support for McChrystal came from Afghanistan's most notorious crime boss -- whom McChrystal had claimed as an indispensable US ally: Ahmed Wali Karzai. AWK, the brother of Afghan President Hamid Karzai, told The New York Times: "We are asking the decision-makers to send him back to Afghanistan."


McChrystal put America's eggs in the wrong basket. He had to postpone the much-touted "Kandahar offensive" when his "ally" AWK decided to withdraw his support for it.


But then, he has been using "a strategy of tactics," as West Point history professor Col. Gian Gentile calls the fashionable new American way of war.

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