August 4, 2010

Slaying Kenya's Tribalism & Intolerance

Munaweza Muleji, Daily Nation

AP Photo


On Wednesday, three hyenas shall be slain, no matter what the outcome of the vote will be. The first to be put out of contention will be fear.

Barely two and a half years ago, lives were lost, property destroyed and relationships poisoned. For many Kenyans at that time, one's ethnic background was all that was required to put one in harm's way. Fear stalked the land.

The post-election violence went further than that; it raised deep concern about the future viability of this nation. We had slipped so far towards dismembering the country that it was difficult to see how we could again live harmoniously as a nation.

With the referendum vote, we will be saying that we chose to live together, guided by a constitution we all want...

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