December 21, 2010

Michael Gerson's Moral Myopia

Stephen Walt, Foreign Policy

Gerson hasn't spent much time reflecting on the morality of his own government service. If he had, perhaps his own conscience would be a bit more troubled.

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May 14, 2012
When Idealists Are the Realists
Bill Keller, New York Times
Dissidents are heroic. They speak truth to power and challenge us to be better. They put human faces on the victims of abhorrent regimes. Their stories inspire the less brave. more ››
May 7, 2012
Obama Gives Realists a Bad Name
Paul Saunders, The National Interest
The Obama administration’s poor handling of its interaction with Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng has prompted renewed denunciations of its “realist” foreign policy, already a focus for critics of its approach to Russia,... more ››