July 11, 2011

Gillard Changes the Carbon Game

Sydney Morning Herald, Sydney Morning Herald

AP Photo

Whether it turns the government's fortunes around, by announcing the details the government has marked a new stage in this debate. The government has to ensure that the purpose of its package stays in the front of the public mind. The tax is necessary so that business and consumers change their behaviour to reduce the amount of greenhouse-gas pollution Australians produce.

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TAGGED: Climate Change, Global Warming, Australia, Julia Gillard


May 11, 2012
Norway's 'Moon Landing' or Boondoggle?
Gerald Traufetter, Der Spiegel
A promise stands at the entrance: "Catching Our Future" reads the slogan Tore Amundsen hurries past. Still, it doesn't exactly smell like a clean future here in Mongstad, on the west coast of Norway, where a sweet-and-sour odor... more ››