January 12, 2012

Hu Jintao's Legacy

Jiang Xueqin, China Power

AP Photo

Hu Jintao warned that China was in a cultural war with the West. But the real problems are at home.

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January 8, 2012
China Has Seen the Enemy and It's Us
Troy Parfitt, Toronto Star
At this juncture in modern Chinese history, it is not so much westerners themselves or their decadent lifestyles that China's politicians deride, but western democratic governance, often portrayed as treasonous - a threat to... more ››
January 5, 2012
China's War Against Harry Potter
Stephen M. Walt
Forgive me, but China's leader sounds a lot like a stodgy high school principal trying to stop teenagers from wearing gangsta rap T-shirts, and telling the Music Department to get more kids into the marching band instead. more ››
January 1, 2012
The Race for Antarctica
Sam Bateman & Anthony Bergin, The Australian
With the announcement of an increased US military presence in Australia, our strategic planners are focused on the rising importance of the Indo-Pacific. But we have taken our eye off our southern flank. Like other rising... more ››
January 1, 2012
Is China Ready for 2012?
Damien Ma, The Atlantic
It is appropriate that the year began with the Tiger Mom and closed with an official indictment of the management of the Chinese high-speed rail program. The book ends of this year's China narrative capture the zeitgeist in... more ››
December 31, 2011
Rethinking the 'China Model'
Shaun Breslin, East Asia Forum
The idea that there is a coherent and distinct ‘Chinese model’ of political economy has gained attention in recent years — especially as financial crisis elsewhere has undermined confidence in the (neo)liberal... more ››