January 17, 2012

Why Has China Declared War On Reality TV?

Gordon Chang, The New Republic

AP Photo

Hu deserves credit for recognizing that the standing of his country's culture - and, more particularly, its influence abroad - is not commensurate with China's international status.” What he misses is that the root of the problem isn’t foreign infiltration, but China’s own repressive government, which has forfeited its claim to soft power by acting increasingly repressive at home and belligerent abroad.

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January 5, 2012
China's War Against Harry Potter
Stephen M. Walt
Forgive me, but China's leader sounds a lot like a stodgy high school principal trying to stop teenagers from wearing gangsta rap T-shirts, and telling the Music Department to get more kids into the marching band instead. more ››
January 8, 2012
China Has Seen the Enemy and It's Us
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January 12, 2012
Hu Jintao's Legacy
Jiang Xueqin, China Power
Hu Jintao warned that China was in a cultural war with the West. But the real problems are at home. more ››
January 4, 2012
Does North Korea Want Reunification?
Moon Chang-keuk, JoongAng Daily
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January 4, 2012
China's Going to the Moon - That's Great
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