January 19, 2012

Don't Blame Obama for Pipeline Failure

Licia Corbella, Calgary Herald

AP Photo

TransCanada's defiance to environmental concerns of Nebraskans created a coalition of strange bedfellows.

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January 11, 2012
Harper's 'Foreign Money' Diversion
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The Obama administration's decision was correctly interpreted by the Harper government as being all about U.S. presidential politics. Environmentalists had been very pro-Obama in the last election, and they'd been disappointed... more ››
January 16, 2012
American Dream Lives On - in Canada
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January 15, 2012
U.S. May Feel Canada's Immigration Pinch
Kim Murphy, LA Times
The revelation that an L.A. arson suspect entered the U.S. after losing an asylum bid in Canada has focused attention on stringent policies that could force more immigrants to seek refuge in the U.S. more ››
January 12, 2012
Real Foreign Interests in Canada's Oilsands
Terry Glavin, Ottawa Citizen
If there were a global competition for the most brazen and preposterously transparent attempt by a ruling political party to change a necessary subject of national debate with alarmist distractions and hubbub, the Conservative... more ››
January 18, 2012
China Is Taking Over Canada's Resources
Terry Glavin, National Post
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