January 22, 2012

Germany Has Economic Strengths U.S. Once Boasted

Don Lee, Los Angeles Times

AP Photo

Germany with its manufacturing base and export prowess is the U.S. of yesteryear, an economic power unlike any of its European neighbors. It has thrived on principles America seems to have lost.

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January 11, 2012
Italy & France Team Up Against Germany
Hans-Jurgen Schlamp, Spiegel
Germany has long insisted that austerity be the primary strategy used in confronting the ongoing euro-zone debt crisis. Italy has now joined France in demanding a more nuanced approach. Prime Minister Monti will present his... more ››
The downgrade's real significance is in flooding political poison into the continent's heart. more ››
January 12, 2012
The New German Nightmare Begins
Walter Russell Mead, Via Meadia
German Chancellor Angela Merkel seems to be the latest foreign statesman to discover just how astounding Italy statesmen can be. Her intervention in Italian politics is widely credited for forcing Silvio Berlusconi (who had... more ››
January 21, 2012
Germany's War Against Keynes
John Browne, Christian Science Monitor
As European leaders hurtle toward another make-or-break summit on the debt crisis Jan. 30,Germany’s economic leadership will again be put to the test. At the last summit in December,Berlin was unable to... more ››
January 18, 2012
Germany's Currency War Myth
Stefan Kaiser, Der Spiegel
When such political adversaries as European parliamentarian Elmar Brok, a member of Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservative Christian Democrats, and German Left Party bigwig Gregor Gysi agree on something, skepticism is... more ››