January 28, 2012

Forget Austerity, Reinvent Capitalism

James Downey, Irish Independent

AP Photo

YOU remember Peter Mandelson. Who could forget him? Secretary of state for Northern Ireland, serial survivor of controversies and comebacks, arguably the man who invented Blairism before most of us had heard of Tony Blair.

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January 28, 2012
Can the World Fix a Broken Economy?
Raghuram Rajan, Project Syndicate
With the world’s industrial democracies in crisis, two competing narratives of its sources – and appropriate remedies – are emerging. The first, better-known diagnosis is that demand has collapsed because of... more ››
January 28, 2012
West Poised to Rewrite Capitalism
Alan Philps, The National
It has been many years since the word capitalism was on so many lips. For the past two decades capitalism seemed to be part of life, and raising the slogan "down with capitalism" was as bizarre as calling for the abolition of... more ››
January 28, 2012
World Not in Crisis, Just Rebalancing
Doug Saunders, Globe and Mail
There’s something you crucially need to understand about the global economic crisis: It doesn’t exist. Sure, Europe may be weeks away from a monetary cataclysm that has the potential of crashing all its economies plus... more ››
January 25, 2012
Geography Is Back in the G-Zero World
Bremmer & Clemons, Atlantic
"Davos Man" was what the late renowned political scientist Samuel Huntington branded those who make the deep winter journey to the small town in Switzerland, of the same name, to attend the World Economic Forum, the world's most... more ››