February 1, 2012

Defining Syrian Regime Change

Roula Khalaf, The World

AP Photo

Nearly a year into their uprising, Syrians have finally won the attention of the UN Security Council. Last night the council put on a big diplomatic show of support for political transition in Damascus. Emotional appeals for ending the Syrian tragedy were issued by Arab officials and western powers, words that Syrian activists have longed to hear.

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January 30, 2012
Hamas Breaks With Iran, Loses Sponsor
Paul Scham, The National Interest
One of the most enduring epithets for Hamas, right up there with "terrorist," is "proxy." If you Google "Hamas Iran proxy," you get 1,750,000 hits. The idea that the relationship between Sunni Hamas, the Gaza affiliate of the... more ››
January 30, 2012
Assad No Longer Second Biggest Bastard
Michael J. Totten, PJ Media
The Syrian army briefly lost control of suburban Damascus, but seems to have retaken it, at least for the moment. Things are moving fast there, though, and the regime could lose control again at any time. more ››
January 30, 2012
Syrian Rebels' War of Attrition
Michael Weiss, Daily Telegraph
Did Bashar al-Assad’s family try to escape Syria only to be stopped by an audacious attack on Damascus International Airport by Syrian rebels? It’d be nice to believe that that feverishly circulated rumour was true, but... more ››
January 31, 2012
Drones for Human Rights
Sniderman & Hanis, New York Times
We could record the repression in Syria with unprecedented precision and scope. The better the evidence, the clearer the crimes, the higher the likelihood that the world would become as outraged as it should be. more ››
January 30, 2012
Why Russia Defends Syria
Soner Cagaptay, Hurriyet Daily News
Russian foot-dragging is now a key barrier between the Syrian demonstrators and their prospective liberation from Bashar al-Assad’s rule. Even the timid Arab League has called for al-Assad to leave, and Syria’s... more ››