February 1, 2012

Syria: A Soviet Hangover Turned Headache

The Guardian, The Guardian

AP Photo

Russia inherited its Middle East presence from the Soviet Union. Is it about to lose its last ally in a newly democratised Arab world?

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January 25, 2012
Syria's Russian Friends
Wall Street Journal
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov last week rejected any talk of new UN sanctions or arms embargo on Syria. He even defended Moscow's right to arm Mr. Assad as he kills more civilians. more ››
January 24, 2012
How the Arab League Can Save Syria
Kate Seelye, The National Interest
The Arab League observer mission to Syria—sent under an agreement with the Syrian government to withdraw forces from the cities, release all political prisoners and allow monitors and journalists free movement throughout... more ››
January 20, 2012
Syria's Rising Toll
New York Times
The death toll from the brutal 10-month war by President Bashar al-Assad of Syria against his own people is now more than 5,400, according to the United Nations and others. Yet the international community still has not... more ››
January 26, 2012
If Assad Survives, Peace With Israel?
Daniel Freedman, Forbes
  The outcome of the uprising in Syria has the potential to revolutionize Israel’s relations with her neighbors and turn the Middle East upside down for the better – if the current Syrian leader, Bashar Assad, survives. It... more ››