February 8, 2012

Greece Should Take the Money and Run

Alen Mattich, The Euro Crisis

AP Photo

It looks like the European Central Bank has crumbled with respect to the Greek rescue, making it increasingly likely Greece will get the long delayed wedge of international loans.

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February 7, 2012
Euro Politicians Prolong Greek Tragedy
Dalibor Rohac, National Review
However flawed Greece's economy and political system might be, it would ill-advised to hand it sole blame for the present crisis. The crisis is a consequence of the utopian overreach of those who believed that European... more ››
February 4, 2012
Let's Rebuild Greece Like Post-War Japan
Nathan Lewis, Forbes
In 1949, Japan was a wreck. Four years had passed since the end of World War II, but the economy was still moribund. The major cities, flattened and burned during the war, remained mostly unreconstructed. more ››
February 8, 2012
The Upside of Greece's Devastating Debt Crisis
Chicago Tribune
Tough as they are, the terms being offered to Greece in many ways amount to a gift: In exchange for accepting strict fiscal discipline that will help Greece to recover on a firm footing over time, much of its debt would be... more ››
January 26, 2012
The Eurozone's Strategy of Pain
Jean Pisani-Ferry, Project Syndicate
For the third year in a row, the eurozone is the weakest link in the world economy. In 2010, attention was focused on responses to the crisis on the eurozone periphery – Greece, Portugal, and Ireland. In 2011, the crisis moved... more ››