February 13, 2012

Learning to Live With Global Violence

Martin Eiermann, The European

AP Photo

Since the UN Security Council failed to pass its resolution on Syria late on Saturday night last week – it would have been Resolution 2035 -, I have spent hours on the Guardian’s live blog, on Al Jazeera or curated Twitter lists to try and stay updated on events in Syria. But even the most informative live blog cannot mask the feeling of intense powerlessness in the face of the killing of Syrian people by their own government; moral outrage alone is very bad at stopping tanks and grenades. And there’s a certain voyeuristic element in clicking the refresh button, as if to say, “Let’s see whether there’s more bloodshed.” Eventually, the sad realization sets in that this kind of killing – the loss of dozens or hundreds of lives in a...

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February 8, 2012
Syria and the UN: A Foreign Policy Success
Democracy in America
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February 8, 2012
Freedom, With a Pit in Your Stomach
Thomas Friedman, New York Times
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February 8, 2012
To Weaken Iran, Start With Syria
Efraim Halevy, New York Times
Iran's foothold in Syria enables the mullahs in Tehran to pursue their reckless and violent regional policies - and its presence there must be ended. more ››
February 9, 2012
Can Turkey Broker Peace in Syria?
Leon Hadar, The National Interest
Turkey's foreign minister Ahmet Davutoglu has famously pursued an ambitious zero-problems-with-the-neighbors policy. But Davutoglu, Turkey’s would-be Kissinger, has been trying to demonstrate that he can just as easily turn... more ››
February 9, 2012
The Agony of Homs
Daily Telegraph
If anyone doubted President Bashar al-Assad’s pitiless determination to preserve his stranglehold on Syria, the flaying of Homs by heavy artillery should dispose of any such illusions. Scores have died in a furious... more ››