February 14, 2012

China, Russia in Risky Syrian Game

Richard Weitz, The Diplomat

AP Photo

Chinese and Russian vetoes over condemning Syria have infuriated Western capitals. But the reasons for them are more complex than some realize.

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February 10, 2012
A Familiar Cold War in the Middle East
Patrick Seale, Gulf News
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February 12, 2012
Pressuring Russia & China Is Key to Ousting Assad
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February 1, 2012
Russia and China Provide Cover for Assad
Bessma Momani, Toronto Star
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February 8, 2012
A Post-American World? Not Quite
Victor Davis Hanson, National Review
As far as the 21st century goes, compared to the alternatives, it is more likely that we are in a pre-American than a post-American age. more ››
February 5, 2012
Sino-Russian Syria Veto a Realpolitik Win for West
Jon Kay, Nat'l Post
The Western powers enjoy the moral advantage of having campaigned publicly for a UN Security Council resolution that, in theory, would have encouraged a peaceful outcome in Syria - but now they won't actually have to go about... more ››