February 17, 2012

A Tour of Egypt's Half-Finished Revolution

Abbas Milani, The New Republic

AP Photo

To be sure, the rising political influence of religious fundamentalism is not the only challenge looming for Egyptian liberalism.

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February 14, 2012
Don't Fund Arab Spring Governments
Michael Rubin, Contentions
President Obama has reportedly included $770 million for “a Middle East and North Africa Incentive Fund,” which “will provide incentives for long-term economic, political, and trade reforms to countries in transition —... more ››
February 15, 2012
Arab States More Stable Than They Appear
Ezzedine Fishere, Daily Star
With leadership essentially contested among Arab states, it is hard to see how non-Arab states could hope to lead. Let me put it clearly: the Turkish and Iranian bids for regional leadership are doomed. Sooner or later, their... more ››
February 13, 2012
An Unwise Course for Egypt
New York Times
In Egypt, it’s unlikely that any group receives more money from foreign sources than the military — roughly $1.3 billion in United States government aid per year, more than $39 billion over the last three decades. more ››
February 12, 2012
Egypt's Relationship With U.S. Is Ending
Peter Goodspeed, National Post
Egypt's beleaguered military rulers, Mr. Mubarak’s former allies, are reluctant to reform and resentful of pressure to hand over power to a democratically elected civilian government. more ››