February 19, 2012

Is Egypt's Government Malicious or Incompetent?

Eric Trager, The New Republic

AP Photo

Is Egypt' current government deliberately instigating conflict, or just incapable of managing its own affairs?

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February 16, 2012
Hamas on Speed Dating Circuit
Walter Russell Mead, Via Meadia
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February 15, 2012
Arab States More Stable Than They Appear
Ezzedine Fishere, Daily Star
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February 14, 2012
Don't Fund Arab Spring Governments
Michael Rubin, Contentions
President Obama has reportedly included $770 million for “a Middle East and North Africa Incentive Fund,” which “will provide incentives for long-term economic, political, and trade reforms to countries in transition —... more ››
Battered by a fractious security situation and embroiled in an escalating feud with the United States, Egypt's ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) has found it easier to take power than to govern. Now, according to... more ››