February 23, 2012

Libya, One Year Later

Ann Marlowe, Peace Later!

AP Photo

While Libyans are organizing political parties to compete in the June 23rd parliamentary elections, many describe the current situation as a power vacuum where there is no real law or order.

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February 17, 2012
Libya Becoming More Dangerous After Gaddafi
Vivienne Walt, Time
As Libya marks the first anniversary of its revolution on Friday, the dozens of well-armed militia groups operating across the vast country have slipped well out of the control of the nascent government in Tripoli, making the... more ››
February 17, 2012
Tribalism and the Arab Spring
Ruth Sherlock, Bitter Lemons
In many ways the revolutions of the "Arab spring" have been uprisings of unprecedented unity. Autocratic dictatorships have yielded to millions calling with one voice for the right of self-determination, and for a new national... more ››
February 18, 2012
The Job Is Far from Over in Libya
The Guardian
Libya is free of Gaddafi's quixotic tyranny but is still miles from building a democratic alternative. Neither Britain, France, nor the UN will do it for them. The assumption that a central government or a national army can be... more ››
February 19, 2012
Libya Reveals Perils of Humanitarian War
Peter Beaumont, Observer
The mission to remove Gaddafi was a noble one. But it provides a further lesson in the pitfalls of such actions. more ››
February 22, 2012
Egyptians Skeptical of Broader Arab Spring
Younis & Younis, Gallup
Egyptians' views on the Arab Spring uprisings as indigenous movements for change are consistent with the Obama administration's stance on treating each Arab Spring country differently. The major challenge for the... more ››