February 27, 2012

Iran's Nuclear Program and Turkey's Lesson

International Crisis Group, International Crisis Group

AP Photo

The dramatic escalation in Israel’s rhetoric aimed at Iran could well be sheer bluff, a twin message to Tehran to halt its nuclear activities and to the international community to heighten its pressure to that end. Or not. As Israel sees it, the nuclear program represents a serious threat; the time when Iran’s putative efforts to build a bomb will become immune to a strike is fast approaching; and military action in the near future – perhaps as early as this year – therefore is a real possibility. While it is widely acknowledged in the West that war could have devastating consequences, and while U.S. and European efforts to restrain Israel are welcome, their current approach – ever-tightening economic sanctions designed to make Tehran bend – has...

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February 22, 2012
What Iranian Elites Think
Hasnain Kazim, Der Spiegel
Israeli hawks are threatening a military strike in order to stop Iran's nuclear program and many Republican presidential candidates in the US also support action. A loose survey of students and academics in Tehran shows that even... more ››
February 22, 2012
Iran War Is Not Inevitable
Robert Farley, World Politics Review
Sometime in the next few months, Israel may very well go to war against Iran, and it could draw the United States into the conflict. The global strategy firm Wikistrat, at which I am a senior analyst, recently laid out 10... more ››
February 22, 2012
Iran's Ties to al-Qaeda Go Back Years
Daniel Byman, Foreign Policy
Iran and al Qaeda might seem like strange bedfellows. But their relationship goes back years. more ››