March 2, 2012

Iran's Elections Limit Chances for Diplomacy

The National, The National

AP Photo

First-round parliamentary elections in Iran today offer voters a bewildering array of parties but very little real choice. Arbitrary disqualifications, intimidation, politically-manipulated legal processes and other measures have relentlessly narrowed the spectrum of political debate to just a few shades of grey.

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February 28, 2012
Wishing Upon Iran
Wall Street Journal
What will it take to persuade the U.S. intelligence community that Tehran's nuclear intentions aren't exactly peaceful? Perhaps nothing short of an explosion. more ››
February 28, 2012
What Are the Saudis Up to in Syria?
Jonathan Schanzer, Foreign Policy
The longer Obama waits and the deeper the humanitarian crisis worsens, the more likely it becomes that other actors will tip the balance in Syria. Using history as a guide, none would be more dangerous than Saudi Arabia. more ››
February 27, 2012
DC-Tel Aviv Traffic Suggests War
Jeffrey Goldberg, The Atlantic
If you had just emerged from a cave, and had no idea if Israel and Iran were at war, and the only data point you had was the extraordinary traffic between Washington and Tel Aviv -- every senior defense official of both Israel... more ››
February 27, 2012
To Stabilize Mideast, Neutralize Iran
David Goldman, Asia Times
"Make it brief," said Armand Jean du Plessis, Cardinal-Duc de Richelieu. He looked rather like the portrait by Phillipe de Champaigne,... more ››
February 28, 2012
Iran 'Struggling' With New Nuclear Machines
Fredrik Dahl, Reuters
Iran is still relying on decades-old technology to expand its nuclear program, a fact that suggests it might be having difficulties developing more modern machines that could speed up production of potential bomb material,... more ››