March 5, 2012

Obama Must Stand Against Israel on Iran

Mearsheimer & Walt, Financial Times

AP Photo

US president Barack Obama today welcomes arguably his least favourite foreign leader to the White House. Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit neatly coincides with the annual policy conference of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (Aipac). That event offers both men a chance to appeal to some of Israel’s most ardent American supporters. We can therefore expect to hear repeated references to the “common...

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The crisis would likely require the application of American power to restore order to the region and thwart the almost inevitable economic dislocation - stemming from a significant spike in oil prices - from becoming a global... more ››
February 29, 2012
Iran, Israel and U.S. in Game of Chicken
Martin Indyk, New York Times
As the Obama administration ramps up the sanctions pressure on Iran to accept meaningful curbs on its nuclear program, it is following a strategy of coercive diplomacy that has a fundamental design flaw. Consequently, President... more ››
March 2, 2012
Can Israel Trust Obama on Iran?
Yossi Klein Halevi, The New Republic
Even if Barack Obama is truly the pro-Israel president his Jewish supporters claim he is, the Johnson precedent tells us that it may not matter. more ››
February 23, 2012
Israel and U.S. Tangle over a Common Enemy
Heller & Spetalnick, Reuters
Ever since their first awkward encounter - a hastily arranged meeting in a custodian's office at a Washington airport in 2007 - Iran has been one of the few issues on which Barack Obama and Benjamin Netanyahu have been able to... more ››
February 21, 2012
The Drift Toward War With Iran
Gideon Rachman, Financial Times
The question of whether a war will break out over Iran's nuclear programme has been around for so long that is easy to become almost blase. more ››