March 5, 2012

Putin and the Return of the Strongman

Michael Weiss, Daily Telegraph

AP Photo

I think it was the single tear dribbling down his cheek that did it for me.  He’s recovered ancient Grecian urns whilst scuba-diving in the Black Sea, singlehandedly put out forest fires, Judo-choked small children and fly-fished shirtless. But to date, no one had ever seen Vladimir Putin cry. It’s a humbling experience, stealing another election in Russia’s “managed democracy” – though who knew that all the precious bodily fluids the Communists stole from us would wind up in a puffed-out KGB agent with cheeks like two tins of condemned veal? “Glory to Russia!” Putin intoned after boasting that his re-election was a triumph against those who sought to “impose” their will on Russia and “usurp” power.

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