March 5, 2012

The End of Putinism

Jackson Diehl, Washington Post

AP Photo

The question of the moment is: how long will Putin last?

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February 26, 2012
Why Russia Needs Vladimir Putin
Peter Hitchens, Daily Mail
When Russians get rid of their fear and scrap their armored-steel front doors, they may be ready for an ordered, lawful and incorruptible free state. Until then, if not Putin, who? more ››
Vladimir Putin will once again become Russia’s president. Even so, his time is running out. more ››
February 26, 2012
Russia After Vladimir Putin
Gregory White, Wall Street Journal
Mr. Putin still has plenty of cards to play. Opposition leaders are warning the new activists that the struggle could take years. "A lot of people are under the narcotic influence of the revolutionary air," says Vladimir... more ››
March 1, 2012
Russia on Collision Course as Putin Plots Return
Tim Heritage, Reuters
The country he will get the chance to lead for another six years after an election on Sunday has changed, and he is on a collision course with Western powers and a newly confident middle class demanding a freer and fairer... more ››