March 6, 2012

Why the People Wanted More Putin

Paul Robinson, Ottawa Citizen

AP Photo

Russia is moving forward, albeit at a somewhat glacial place and with occasional zigzags. The majority of Russians appear on balance to be satisfied with this. Putin's margin of success is convincing enough that those planning to protest the election result run the risk of discrediting themselves rather than Putin by refusing to accept his victory.

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March 3, 2012
Putin: Autocrat Under Siege
Michael Bohm, Moscow Times
On Sunday, millions of Russians will go to the polls to choose their next president. Let's hope Putin will show his love for the country by respecting the free will of the Russian people. Let's also hope the real victory... more ››
February 26, 2012
Why Russia Needs Vladimir Putin
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When Russians get rid of their fear and scrap their armored-steel front doors, they may be ready for an ordered, lawful and incorruptible free state. Until then, if not Putin, who? more ››
March 2, 2012
What Russia's Rulers Fear Most
Neil Buckley, The World
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February 28, 2012
Time to Reset Obama's Russia Reset
Richard Williamson, The American
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