March 9, 2012

Israel Must Build New Mideast Coalition

Uri Savir, Jerusalem Post

AP Photo

Israel, with the shifting of the balance of powers in the region, needs to pose itself critical questions of national security.

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February 26, 2012
End the Iran-Syria-Hezbollah Axis
Lee Smith, Weekly Standard
The administration has not only an interest but an obligation to fight back against the Iranian-Syrian assault on America - first, by bringing an end to the regime in Damascus. more ››
March 1, 2012
Rise of the Non-Arab States in the Mideast
Aaron David Miller, LA Times
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March 7, 2012
America Is Stuck With the Mideast
Walter Russell Mead, Wall St. Journal
Global oil markets and global commerce mean that American presidents will simply not be able to set this region off to the side. more ››
February 26, 2012
Syria, Iran and the Obama Doctrine
David Sanger, New York Times
In a post-Iraq, post-Afghanistan, post-Libya world, the White House reaction to both calls illuminates the conditions under which the 44th president is willing to use force, or see it used by others. But it also sheds light on... more ››