March 12, 2012

Learn to Live With Iranian Hegemony

Pankaj Mishra, Bloomberg

AP Photo

Any rapprochement between Iran and the U.S. will have to acknowledge Iranian centrality in its region -- just as the U.S. eventually recognized India's in South Asia after a series of futile alliances with Pakistan. But the U.S. has never been further away from this possibility, as Republican candidates line up to prove themselves more trigger-happy than the next. Suddenly, entire countries, indeed civilizations, with complex histories are being depicted as potentially uncomplaining, even grateful, victims of aerial bombing.

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March 7, 2012
Iran's Supreme Leader Ready to Talk?
Matthew Duss, American Progress
If Khamenei has now once again established himself as the unquestioned arbiter of Iran's politics, as election reports suggest, he may feel more confident in allowing his representatives to engage with the P5+1 countries on... more ››
March 7, 2012
America Is Stuck With the Mideast
Walter Russell Mead, Wall St. Journal
Global oil markets and global commerce mean that American presidents will simply not be able to set this region off to the side. more ››
Israel's right to defend itself is a matter of consensus. But whether Israel is sovereign in its decision on when and how to use its American weapons and entangle its most important friend - that's another question. more ››
March 7, 2012
Bombing Iran: Justified, Sheer Madness
Max Hastings, Daily Mail
As if the world did not have troubles enough, we now face a real threat that Israel will launch an assault on Iran’s nuclear sites. The implications of such action are uncertain but assuredly immense. more ››
March 7, 2012
The Myth of Crippling Iran Sanctions
Washington Times
It is unlikely that sanctions have driven the mullahs to the bargaining table. Iran's new offer for talks is a delaying tactic, a means of forestalling the use of force. more ››