March 15, 2012

Why India Is Wary of the U.S.

Lowther & Yannakogeorgos, The Diplomat

AP Photo

As the United States “pivots” toward the Asia-Pacific in the coming years, policymakers in Washington will find themselves faced with a much more complex set of challenges than those of a continent – Europe – that shares the cultural, historical, and religious heritage of the United States. While China has already taken center stage as the United States’...

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March 10, 2012
How India Became America
Akash Kapur, New York Times
ANOTHER brick has come down in the great wall separating India from the rest of the world. Recently, both Starbucks and Amazon announced that they would be entering the Indian market. Amazon has already started a comparison... more ››
March 7, 2012
Emerging World Must Shape the World Bank
Kevin Rafferty, Japan Times
The World Bank, and the world of 7 billion people whom it serves, deserve better than the antics of U.S. President Barack Obama's Treasury department clearly preparing for yet another American to take over. more ››
The outcome of the five assembly elections is yet another indication that the Congress is losing ground at an alarming pace. Few expected the party, despite the hectic campaign by Rahul Gandhi, to be in the reckoning for office... more ››
March 10, 2012
Why India and China Clash
Rajeswari Rajagopalan, The Diplomat
India-China relations are often seen through the prism of their bilateral disputes. Indeed, the border disputebetween the two is generally seen as the biggest hurdle to improving ties. But it could be argued that... more ››