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National Tragedy and Political Drama in France - Sefy Hendler, Haaretz
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RealClearWorld Morning Edition

To Save Israel, Boycott the Settlements - Peter Beinart, New York Times
China's Great Leap Backward - Niall Ferguson, Newsweek
China's Path to Reform - Martin Jacques, The Guardian
'Saudi America' Becomes Energy Independent - Brian Milner, Globe & Mail
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Iran Is the World's Biggest Terror State - Irwin Cotler, Jerusalem Post
U.S., Israel Team in Russia's Backyard - Richard Lourie, Moscow Times
A Pre-Election Exit from Afghanistan? - Noah Feldman, Bloomberg
Putin's Tsar Paul Complex - Igor Torbakov, EurasiaNet
U.S. Must Defuse South China Sea Time Bomb - Joe Hung, China Post
Why Nations Fail - Daron Acemoglu & James Robinson, Montreal Review
The Pope's Cuba Gamble - Mary Anastasia O'Grady, Wall Street Journal
The Life and Death Politics of Water - Afshin Molavi, The National

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