RealClearWorld Evening Edition

Israel's 'Maybe the Dog Will Talk' Doctrine - Richard Cohen, Wash. Post
An Iran War, Between U.S. and Israel - Sefi Rachlevsky, Haaretz
Obama Policies Push Iran War Closer - Barry Rubin, PJ Media
The Lessons of Bo Xilai's Fall - Hannah Beech, Time
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RealClearWorld Morning Edition

China's Game of Guess Who - Peter Hartcher, Sydney Morning Herald
Political Crisis or Civil War Will Not Stop China - Gideon Rachman, FT
Could French Tragedy Upend the Election? - Eric Pape, Foreign Policy
Israelis Grow Confident in Iran Strike - Jeffrey Goldberg, Bloomberg
U.S. War Game Sees Peril of Israeli Strike - Mazzetti & Shanker, NY Times
Afghanistan and the Long War - George Friedman, Stratfor
Robert Bales a Post-9/11 Tragedy - George Packer, The New Yorker
Don't Go Wobbly on Afghanistan - Max Boot, Weekly Standard
U.S. Wrong to Pressure India on Iran - Bharat Karnad, The Diplomat
The Parallel Universe of Bashar al-Assad - Michael Ignatieff, Globe and Mail
Arab Spring Is Spinning Out of Control - Zvi Mazel, Jerusalem Post
In Poland, Embracing Europe But Not the Euro - Michael Birnbaum, WaPo
Asia-Pacific Theater Putin's New Stage - Alexey Muraviev, The Australian
Eritrea Is an Easy Target for Ethiopia - Simon Tisdall, The Guardian
Mauritania: Slavery's Last Stronghold - John Sutter, CNN

RealClearWorld Editorials

Protecting France's Jews - Jerusalem Post
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