March 20, 2012

Israelis Grow Confident in Iran Strike

Jeffrey Goldberg, Bloomberg

AP Photo

After interviewing many people with direct knowledge of internal government thinking, however, I'm highly confident that Netanyahu isn't bluffing -- that he is in fact counting down to the day when he will authorize a strike against a half-dozen or more Iranian nuclear sites.

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March 8, 2012
Hatred Toward Netanyahu Prevents Fair Debate
Israel Harel, Haaretz
Hatred, and not only bribery, blinds the eyes of wise men and distorts the words of the righteous. And Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is a hated man. The instinctive and uncontrolled hatred toward him interferes with the... more ››
Israel's right to defend itself is a matter of consensus. But whether Israel is sovereign in its decision on when and how to use its American weapons and entangle its most important friend - that's another question. more ››
Another round of fighting broke out over the weekend between Israel and militants in the Gaza Strip.   It was the usual thing, only more so:  Until Sunday morning, only militants were reported killed on the Palestinian... more ››