RealClearWorld Evening Edition

Al-Qaeda Grows in Africa - Rohan Gunaratna, The National Interest
Sarkozy's Oklahoma City - Eric Pape, Foreign Policy
No, China Doesn't Do Capitalism Well - Ian Bremmer, Reuters
Merah a Loner and a Loser - Oliver Roy, New York Times
Mohamed Mera: A Man of the West - Caroline Glick, Jerusalem Post
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Whatever Happened to Coups, Anyway? - Nigel Jones, Daily Mail
India on the Wrong Side of History - Atul Aneja, The Hindu
The China-U.S. Rare Earth Games - Peter Lee, Asia Times
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RealClearWorld Morning Edition

How to Make Iran Change Its Mind - Meir Javedanfar, The Diplomat
Crisis Brings Out Best in Sarkozy - Anne-Elisabeth Moutet, Daily Telegraph
Europe Pushing Muslims to the Fringes - Adnan Khan, Globe and Mail
Toulouse and How to Make a Jihadi - Amir Taheri, New York Post
Obama's Afghan Fog of Ambivalence - Michael Gerson, Washington Post
General Allen: The Only Afghanistan Optimist - Fred Kaplan, Slate
Cuba's Revolution in Retreat - Michael Reid, The Economist
Will the Pope Help Oscar Elias Biscet? - James Glassman, Forbes
A Year Later, Libya Still a Mess - Daniel Larison, The Week
Gaddafi Fighters Trigger Coup in Mali - Jill Reilly, Daily Mail
All Quiet in the South China Sea - M. Taylor Fravel, Foreign Affairs
China's Battle to Preserve Party Purity - George Magnus, Financial Times
Should Israel Re-Occupy Gaza? - Jay Bushinsky, Jerusalem Post
Too Soon to Celebrate Burma Democracy - Simon Tisdall, The Guardian
The Descent of Hungary - Raymond Zhong, Wall Street Journal

RealClearWorld Editorials

The UN's Unworkable plan for Syria - Washington Post
Pressure on Iran Weakened by U.S. Waivers on oil - The National
Don't Punish Kim Jong-un's People for His Missile Madness - Bloomberg
Poland's Euro Dilemma - Washington Times

RealClearWorld Best of Blogs

U.S. Battles Iran for Iraq Influence - Josh Rogin, The Cable
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