RealClearWorld Evening Edition

Don't Abandon COIN in Afghanistan - Arthur Herman, New York Post
Bo Xilai and the Death of a Briton - Austin Ramzy, Time
Burma Once Again the Lynchpin of Asia - Jaswant Singh, Project Syndicate
Benedict Will Find a Different Castro in Cuba - Hall & Ordonez, McClatchy
India Needs to Stand Up on Foreign Policy - Fareed Zakaria, CNN
Obama Drops the Ball on India - Patrick Christy, The Diplomat
Bales Prosecution Will Outlast Afghan Mission - Yochi Dreazen, Atlantic
Crisis Closes in on China's Inner Circle - Chris Stewart, Asia Times
Hungary's Orban Bites EU Hand That Feeds Him - James Kirchick, TNR
Obama's Pick Could Improve World Bank - Charles Kenny, Foreign Policy

RealClearWorld Morning Edition

How U.S. Encourages Israel to Bomb Iran - Reuel Marc Gerecht, WSJ
Bomb Iran and Iran Gets the Bomb - Mehdi Hasan, The Guardian
How to Stop Kim's Satellite Test - Scott Snyder, The Diplomat
French Killer No Scary Jihadist - Rosie DiManno, Toronto Star
Here Comes the French Whitewash - Barry Rubin, Jerusalem Post
North Korea's Abuses Hide in Plain Sight - Fred Hiatt, Washington Post
Can Asian-Style Capitalism Save the West? - Michael Schuman, Time
China's 'Rare Earths' & Obama's Hypocrisy - John Tamny, Forbes
Europe's Impotent Bailout Bazooka - Wolfgang Munchau, Financial Times
How America Protects Russians - Victor Davidoff, Moscow Times
Iran Signals a Turning Point in Warfare - Adel Safty, Gulf News
China Has Little Pull Over North Korea - Richard Weitz, China-U.S. Focus
India's Foreign Policy in Asian Century - Sourabh Gupta, East Asia Forum
A U.S. Defeat Won't Help Afghans - Pervez Hoodbhoy, The Express Tribune
What South Koreans Learn About the North - Andrei Lankov, Korea Times

RealClearWorld Editorials

Remember the Sinking of the Cheonan - JoongAng Daily
Kadima: Israel's Party of Missed Opportunity - Haaretz
The Changing Face of India - Deccan Chronicle
Pope Should Urge Greater Freedom in Cuba - Los Angeles Times

RealClearWorld Best of Blogs

Is the Brotherhood Moderating Hamas? - Jonathan Tobin, Contentions
'Zhongnanhaiology' - Dan Blumenthal & Lara Crouch, Shadow Government
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