March 26, 2012

Bomb Iran and Iran Gets the Bomb

Mehdi Hasan, The Guardian

AP Photo

If the U.S. bombs Iran it will only intensify the drive for nuclear weapons, with catastrophic consequences for all.

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March 21, 2012
Pivoting from Iran Military 'Option' to Diplomacy
Barbara Slavin, CGN
After months of saber-rattling rhetoric by Iran, Israel and the United States, there seems to be a collective, and welcome, time out. more ››
March 20, 2012
Israel's 'Maybe the Dog Will Talk' Doctrine
Richard Cohen, Wash. Post
Nations have doctrines. The Soviet Union had the Brezh­nev Doctrine and the United States had the Monroe Doctrine, among others. Even little Israel has one. I call it the Maybe the Dog Will Talk Doctrine, and it is based on a... more ››
March 21, 2012
America, Terrorism Sponsor?
Hussein Ibish, NOW Lebanon
By legitimizing the MEK, Washington would lose almost all credibility when it comes to opposing terrorism. The enemy of my enemy is by no means necessarily my friend. That way madness lies. more ››
March 21, 2012
U.S. Navy Preps for Iran Fight
Galrahn, Information Dissemination
The Iranian Navy fights with a mix of low tech and high tech, and uses their low tech capabilities to hopefully disorient and distract US naval forces so that their high tech capabilities have a chance of success. The US Navy is... more ››
March 21, 2012
All Hell May Break Lose Between Iran, Israel
Ari Shavit, New York Times
Now we are witnessing a shift. Terrified by the prospect of an imminent Israeli strike, decision makers and opinion leaders in the United States and Europe have Iran on their mind. Last week Tehran was cut off from the SWIFT... more ››