RealClearWorld Evening Edition

Syria's Suffocating Economic Reality - Sami Moubayed, Gulf News
The Taliban Have Limited Options, Too - Brian Downing, Asia Times
Infighting Goes Public for Venezuela's Ruling Party - The Economist
Pyongyang Testing Obama's Patience - Michael Auslin, Wall Street Journal
The Cultural Revolution Still Haunts China - Damien Ma, The Atlantic
How Russia Plays the Great Game - Richard Weitz, The Diplomat
Obama's Foreign Policy 'Etch-a-Sketch Moment' - Benny Avni, NY Post
A Tale of Two Egyptian Armies - Lee Smith, Weekly Standard
Africa Still Inching Toward Democracy - Adam Nossiter, New York Times
Obama Made the Wrong World Bank Call - Edward Luce, Financial Times

RealClearWorld Morning Edition

The West Has Lost in Afghanistan - Gideon Rachman, Financial Times
U.S. Support for Afghan War Drops Sharply - Bumiller & Kopicki, NY Times
United States in Korea: A Strategy of Inertia - George Friedman, Stratfor
U.S. Must Not Be Fooled Again by North Korea - Paul Leaf, Forbes
Has Obama Really Changed U.S. Behavior Abroad? - David Rothkopf, FP
Obama Puts Politics Before National Security - Brett Decker, Wash Times
America's 'Dirty Harry' Streak Re-Emerges - Thomas P. M. Barnett, WPR
One Year Later, Can Syria 'Reset' Its Rebellion? - Tony Karon, Time
U.S. Can Make All the Difference in Syria - Richard Cohen, Washington Post
Iran Strike Worth the Risk to Netanyahu - Jeffrey Goldberg, Bloomberg
What if the Palestinian Authority Collapses? - Yossi Alpher, Bitter Lemons
U.S., Australia Discuss Indian Ocean Drone Flights - Craig Whitlock, SMH
U.S. Must Decipher the China Maze - Lowther & Yannakogeorgos, TNI
China Offensive Roils Africans - Bruce Loudon, The Australian
Is the Cross-Strait Honeymoon Over? - Hsiao & Famularo, The Diplomat

RealClearWorld Editorials

Obama's Slip Won't Let Russia Veto Euro Missile Defense - Bloomberg
The Deal's Off in Cuba - The Economist
Bashar al-Assad's Killing Fields - The Baltimore Sun
Monti Pulls a Thatcher - Wall Street Journal

RealClearWorld Best of Blogs

The Dirtly Little Secret About 2nd-Term Presidents - Daniel W. Drezner
The Public vs. the Foreign Policy Elite - Christopher Preble, The Skeptics
Cash Exodus from Afghanistan - Sidner & Mobashera, Security Clearance
South Ossetia: Fourth Time's the Charm - Tamada Tales