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Islamist Vision for Mideast Comes Closer - Blair & Perry, Reuters
Senate Pushing U.S. Close to Iran War - Richard Klass, CS Monitor
Happiness Becomes a UN Project - Timothy Ryback, New York Times
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The Afghan Girls Who Live as Boys - Tahir Qadiry, BBC News

RealClearWorld Morning Edition

Bowing to the Kremlin - Mitt Romney, Foreign Policy
Obama Says He's Not 'Hiding the Ball' on Russia - Ben Feller, AP
Predicting Romney's Foreign Policy - Robert Merry, The National Interest
Prepare for a New Era of Oil Shocks - Martin Wolf, Financial Times
Battling the al-Qaeda Hydra - Ian Bremmer & David Gordon, NY Times
Do U.S. Cuts Threaten Its Allies? - Yoshiaki Yano, The Diplomat
China 'Laws' Contradict Themselves - Frank Ching, China Post
Iraq Can Lead Arab World on Economics - Meghan O'Sullivan, Bloomberg
Iron Dome's Crucial Gaza Test - Leor Sapir, Commentary Magazine
India Needs Weapons Independence - Josy Joseph, Times of India
Sudan Unleashes Yet Another Crisis - Armin Rosen, The New Republic
Mali's Improbable New Strongman - Julius Cavendish, Time
'Cash for Access' Not a Job for Scotland Yard - John Yates, Daily Telegraph
BRICS the Defenders of the Developing World - Hu Jintao, The Hindu
'Why Nations Fail' Comes Up Short - Francis Fukuyama, American Interest

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Obama's Bad Bet on Vladi­mir Putin - Washington Post
Europe's Firewall Follies - Wall Street Journal
Israel Wants Iran Isolated, But Instead Isolates Itself - Haaretz
North Korea's Rocket Diplomacy - Sydney Morning Herald

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