March 29, 2012

Israel's Secret Military Bases

Mark Perry, Foreign Policy

AP Photo

Azerbaijan has ties to Israel that have been described as an iceberg - much of it is below the surface. That is troubling for many in the U.S. who feel Israel may use the country as a staging ground for an attack on Iran.

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March 19, 2012
U.S., Israel Team in Russia's Backyard
Richard Lourie, Moscow Times
The mounting tension over Iran's nuclear program is also highlighting increased Israeli and U.S. involvement in the Caucasus. Apart from everything else, this has to feed President-electVladimir Putin's... more ››
March 22, 2012
U.S. Can't Abandon Azerbaijan
Ariel Cohen, The National Interest
The former Soviet republic of Azerbaijan is a small country sandwiched between Russia and Iran along the coast of the Caspian Sea, which is in fact the largest salt lake on earth, not a sea. Americans should not feel bad if they... more ››
March 16, 2012
Iran's Menace in Azerbaijan
Cohen & Bendikova, The Foundry
Not even a month after Azerbaijani counterintelligence services arrested Iranian agents planning terrorist attacks against Israeli diplomats and prominent members of the Jewish community, a network of 22 more Iranian agents... more ››
March 16, 2012
Israel: The Knesset vs. Democracy
Dimi Reider, NYR Blog
This should be a year in which Israeli democracy is much on display. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has been reconfirmed as head of the right-leaning Likud Party, seems to be pushing for early national elections; while... more ››
March 18, 2012
'Post-Zionism' Is Still Anti-Zionism
David Frum, National Post
Over the past few years, there’s been an interesting shift among opponents of the state of Israel. They’ve begun to call themselves “post-Zionist” — a bland, bloodless phrase. The idea embedded in... more ››