March 29, 2012

On the Edge of Syria's Bloody War

Robert Fisk, The Independent

AP Photo

Syria's bloodbath is carving further divisions in Lebanon as President Bashar al-Assad's Lebanese allies and enemies shout more and more insults at each other. The Christians have even divided among themselves, the old Phalangist leadership calling for Assad's overthrow while the Catholic Maronite church performs its old role of fence-sitting on behalf of Syria's minority Christians.

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March 19, 2012
Iran Is the World's Biggest Terror State
Irwin Cotler, Jerusalem Post
By training, arming, financing and instigating groups like Hezbollah, the Iranian regime gives violent expression to the genocidal narrative of its leadership. more ››
Twenty years after the end of the Civil War and Lebanon’s failure, yet again, to create a unified history book reveals the dangers which pervasive sectarian mindsets can pose. more ››
March 16, 2012
The Coming Mediterranean Gas Conflict
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March 16, 2012
Advantages of a Syria War
Morton Abramowitz, The National Interest
The Syrian civil war is not just a humanitarian crisis. There are also important strategic considerations—including Iran and other regional players like Turkey—that must be considered. more ››
March 16, 2012
Assad Emails May Humanize the Dictator
Peter Beaumont, The Guardian
Syria's opposition may yet regret releasing documents portraying the torturer-in-chief as an iPad user who listens to New Order. more ››