March 30, 2012

North Korea and the Lesser Evil

Delury & Moon, Foreign Policy

AP Photo

Hours after arriving in Seoul for his third visit as president, Barack Obama -- behind a thick plate of bulletproof glass, wearing an Air Force One leather jacket that looked pretty bulletproof itself -- stood on the demilitarized zone peering through binoculars into the haze of North Korea, a ritual performed by George W. Bush ten years ago and Bill Clinton a decade before that. Perhaps standing so close to North Korea inspired Obama to address Pyongyang directly for the first time since taking office. In the middle of a speech to South Korean students at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies the following day, Obama abruptly looked into the cameras and said: "I want to speak directly to the leaders in Pyongyang. The United States has no hostile intent toward your country. We...

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March 27, 2012
U.S. Must Not Be Fooled Again by North Korea
Paul Leaf, Forbes
This deal - the latest in a string of misguided attempts at rapprochement with North Korea - will accomplish little more than to prop up that country's unsettled new ruler and to incentivize nuclear proliferation. more ››
March 27, 2012
Pyongyang Testing Obama's Patience
Michael Auslin, Wall Street Journal
It took barely two weeks for North Korea to play its old game of bait and switch, this time gutting the Feb. 29 "Leap Day Agreement" with the Obama administration that promised a moratorium on nuclear and missile testing. In an... more ››
March 26, 2012
Is Human Rights Progress Possible in North Korea?
U.S.-Korea Institute
Despite hopes, even predictions that Kim Jong Il’s death might usher in progress on human rights in North Korea, no change is yet discernible. North Korean defectors have long speculated that Kim Jong Un would not enjoy the... more ››
March 26, 2012
China Has Little Pull Over North Korea
Richard Weitz, China-U.S. Focus
Chinese officials have joined other foreign governments in opposing North Korea’s plans to test a long-range rocket that could also serve as a delivery vehicle for a nuclear warhead. The Chinese outspokenness on this issue... more ››
March 26, 2012
North Korea's Abuses Hide in Plain Sight
Fred Hiatt, Washington Post
With President Obama in Korea this week, we will hear a lot about the dangers of the North Korean nuclear program. We are unlikely to be hear about a young man named Shin Dong-hyuk, who was bred, like a farm animal, inside a... more ››